Putting Girls To Werk! 

Hey there. 

So yesterday was International women’s day and I spent it with one of my most beautiful female friends. We spent the entire day watching reruns of RuPaul’s drag race. Why, you may ask? Because nothing makes one feel so feminine than watching several beautiful, fancy drag queens work their way down a runway and that is work with an E. 

We did this so I could conserve my energy because later on in Portsmouth I took part in talks to support the Reclaim The Night movement; started in response to sexual assault and attacks on women in the street who are then blamed for being too drunk, too scantily clad or generally too female for a man to resist raping or abusing her.

RuPaul’s drag race is a celebration of femininity, the female form and challenging gender norms. In response to that my friend allowed me to make her the most draggiest of drag I have ever done with make up. There was nothing much in the thought process. I simply told her to close her eyes and let me work my magic. And her mother absolutely hated it. But she absolutely loved it and that’s what mattered. She felt glamorous, she felt gorgeous, she felt beautiful, she felt powerful.


That’s the thing about appearance; when we think of women dressing up we think of us looking at them and we think of how we appreciate how they look rather than thinking about how they feel about how they look. This is the crux of the society that has created a theatre out of a woman’s appearance. Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Look, Now, Americas next top model, The Voice. These shows and magazines pride themselves on playing on people’s appearance in contrast to who they are. 

The first thing I asked the woman because I’ve never done the guys make up yet is what they want me to create and most of the time they will say just do what ever. And I have a problem with that because how I want them to look is not how they feel it’s not who they are it’s not what they want. That would be me creating what I want. And that can change from day to day. That is an accurate representation of how they feel about themselves. 
Obviously I’m a beauty blogger so I’m not exactly a massive advocate of conventional “natural beauty”; but I am an advocate for personal beauty. There is no point in making up a face if the brain behind it can’t carry the look. 

My friend is a drag queen. She is gorgeous, she is sassy, she is charismatic, and she is strong in the face of adversity in a world that would otherwise shun her; so I gave her a delicious pink and yellow look like strawberry lemonade so she could make the world eat it and … we didn’t even leave the house because it ain’t about them out there.

So the next time I’m doing your make up think about the face that you wanna put out to the world, think about who you are, think about what you wanna be on that day. Don’t be confined by the constraints pushed upon you by other people’s interpretations- glitter roots, gradient brows, tape contouring, mink lashes. If you wanna wear bright blue eyeshadow and a neon pink lip because you wholeheartedly believe that the 80s ain’t dead; tell me and I’ll do it. In a dark ass world painted grey, be a girl on fire! 
See you anon! 


Blink and You’ll Miss It! 

Michelle Keegan is beautiful in my opinion and, as seems to be the trend, has blossomed enough for a make-up company to snap her up to advertise something! I harbour a little bit of envy for her, to be honest, and who wouldn’t? The girl is hot, with a hot man and a hot lifestyle (many many Marbella holidays).
Enough of my girl-crushing, let’s talk product!

I was doing my usual procrastination on YouTube (because that’s how you earn a degree) and up MK popped up with a new Revlon mascara!

Revlon have created an easy-to-shop line of mascara’s, each colour coded for a different look. And I chose the All-In-One with the red top; volume, length and colour!

The packaging is really pleasant; the tube is matte black and the lid is lipstick red. It sort of resembles a dry marker. Not appealing to all but there is something distinctly pleasing about the reminder…possibly the smell? Which, while I remember, is actually quite strong! I don’t think I would want to accidentally stick myself in the eye with the brush.

However the brush is so dinky that an eyeloke wouldn’t cause too much damage. And it narrows at the top which means you can reach every lash but the bristles are few and short. This sort of affects the separation of the lashes somewhat so they seem to taper groups of them to points. However! If you have a lash comb then that shouldn’t be too much of a problem!

The product is thick and has fine fibres through it which gives a lot of volume! And it is super black creating a really classic, glamorous look!
I took this pic come the end of the day and there was no flaking or smudging after 5 hours wear and that is a major plus in comparison to other drugstore mascaras I own!

All in all this is a winner…and if it brings me closer to being Michelle Keegan, I am completely on board!

Think-le It With Sugar!

Thought I would pop up a chipper make up post. Especially since yesterday was a teensy bit on the morbid side!

I do enjoy a bit of cathartic blogging but, let’s move onto something a bit more Christmas-y and a bit less life-time movie!

So today’s look is based on the Sugarplum Fairy from The Nutcracker ballet. I decided to get going on some decent glitter looks now that Christmas is only 2 days away!


Sugar Plum Fairy!

I started with my usual Lime Crime shadow primer and then popped on a generic white chunky eye pencil on the lid, blending it up to the brow.

I got a bit creative with my pinks after that mixing Barry M #95 and Makeup Revolutions Angelic together and pressing it on top the eye lid and blending it into a gentle wing.


I blended Rimmel Monoshadow in Audacious Amethyst into the crease, up into the brow and toward the inner and outer corner. Topped that with Accessorise shadow in Ultra Violet! This has a gorgeous cobalt duo-chrome that makes me die … Though not literally because, you know, it’s make-up…not anthrax!

Before too much shimmer took over, I blended Barry M #DD99, a dark matte purple, into the outer corner and 1/4 of the way into the crease.

Back to the main lid, and I patted a light dusting of Topshop’s Holographic shadow on top of the pink then dusted it with a mix of Barry M Pink Glitter and MAC’s 3D glitter in Lavender!
I used Natural Collection Soft Pink as a matte highlight on the brow.
I went commando with my brows!

I did my usual base of Bare Minerals primer, Estée Lauder Double Wear foundation in Ecru and Smashbox Photoset finishing powder. Then went back to the eyes blending my make-shift pink mix on the lower lid towards the corner, Accessorize Ultra Violet at the middle and Barry M #DD99 (matte purple) at the outer lower corner.

I used Max Factors Metallic Lilac liquid liner on the upper lash line with the finest and smallest wing and a small bit of Rimmel black kohl liner at the outer lower lash line for definition. I topped it off with black Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara!

Lips are Galactic Mauve by Maybelline!

On the apples of my cheeks is Lancôme BLush Subtil in Rose Paradis with Bobbi Brown shimmer brick in Rose on the cheek bones!

I feel like I’m sounding very clinical; do I sound very House MD to you? It’s because I’m fricken EXHAUSTED and long to be A coma guy! *yawn*!


Got another make up look coming right at you tomorrow! MORE GLITTER!!! MORE GLITTTTEEERRRR!!!

I Think She Betta Do! 

After I spent yesterday considering my usage of spoons I decided to spend today being decidedly more selective with my spoon usage and being more selective with my activities. Low and behold some of these things seemed to coincide! 

I love to be creative, especially with make up, especially on others. So while I gave my friend an ear to bend today after her doctors appointment she gave me her head to play around with! I don’t think we stopped smiling and I’m positive we outdid Kenna Kitten on her sass meter. 

I am definitely not used to Afro hair; Kitten here has a nice mix of cauc and afro realness and she had some warm blonde ends. So we slapped on some Live Ultra Brights purple on the pre-lightened bits with a moisture depositing conditioner mixed in because, no-t-no-shade, those ends were fried; ain’t no thing but a crispy chicken wing! Then topped that off with an all-over pro-v conditioning treatment and a sleek blow dry! 

After that I did a quick make-up look. Seriously, her skin is beautiful, she needs no base what so ever! I created some subtle purple smokey eyes with my Make Up Revolution I ❤️ Passion and Salvation: Give Them Nightmares palettes, sticking to the purples. I kept the darker shades and a pop of purple irredeccent shadow in the inner and outer corners of the lid then put a light purple shimmer on the centre lid. I drew the purple irredeccent colour onto the lower waterline then blended in some darker purple shadow in the lower outer corner. I added a sweep of mascara and a slamming purple lip from Revlon; Va-va-violet and Violet Lip Lava by Cover Girl! Little flush of Lancôme Blush Subtil Rose Paradis to bring out those gorgeous cheeks and…done! 

LOOK at that smile! Selfish selflessness was achieved! 

My girl, Kitty, is having a hard time of it lately and I am happy that we could give each other a boost today. She didn’t need any make-over at all. She is one of the most beautiful women I know in real life. 



But sometimes it pays to have some focused attention, taking care of something that is often forgotten; the physical body. There is a reason why skin to skin contact it so important to babies; it is the most visceral demonstration of love and appreciation. Taking care of someone else’s physical presence is just as important as listening to them. It allows you to demonstrate a level of intimacy that can’t really be shared any other way. Consider this when you reach out to hug your friend when you see them after a while or when you grip their hand when you comfort them or they comfort you. Doing make up and hair requires focus on the individual, every face is different and every person has a different threshold for touch. It is a very intimate experience, someone trusting you with their skin and their physical appearance. Some say that it is relaxing, that it feels nice to be preened; and so each brush stroke is more precise. Some find it quite stressful because they’re not sure what they’re getting or if it will look right so they may need gentle direction and softer brushes and more reassurance. 

I’m not saying that doing someone’s make-up is going to save their life; but it will certainly show them that they are worthy of your attention and gentle touch. Baring in mind Kitty is the same girl that I told to grow a pair of balls and take control because she better fucking werk her sass if she wanna live her life to the fullest. Hey….I am a fan of the tough love! I can’t be a softy all the time! 
I shall see you anon,