Make-up Commandments!

I discovered two things this weekend! 1. As a white girl I have never really gotten the hang of the undertones of black skin; not only that but I don’t have the products available to cater for it…yet! 2. I have folk on facebook, Instagram, blog and twitter and IRL who ask for makeup advice. They ask for “what’s best” for “what I recommend” or “if X brand is better than Y brand”. I’m going to insert now that I am not certified in any way whatsoever to do anyone’s makeup and I am, by no means, the most skilled at doing makeup! My talents lie in bullshit, hording and art…which is, often, bullshitting about stuff you’ve horded! Apply those things to your face, suddenly you’ve got the basic skillset for a well-equiped mediocre makeup artist! I hope I’m selling myself short here; I thrive on low expectation!

Aside from soothing my crippling self-doubt, I mention this because it raised a theory which has been following me around when I look at my collection in comparison to the concise toiletry bags on my friend’s bedside cabinets! Unless you’re a makeup/ beauty guru or blogger, do you need ALL the things? No. And does it really matter what I think is best, what I recommend or which brand is most suitable? No. But what does matter is that you aim for items that suit you best from brands that suit you best. If you’ve got a lot of disposable income then it’s likely you’ll invest in a make-up set full of high-end products. If you’re on a budget then you will have a set of drug-store with a few high-end staples. And if you’re on a tight budget, you might have a drug-store supply! This is simply a broad overview of a spectrum of make-up dependency! There are many in-betweens and it can change conditionally; do you love your lips, do you love your face, do you love your eyes. So many variables!

It’s a science, kids! Listen up! Pencils ready! What I’m getting at is the fact that no make-up guru knows all about what you should own, buy or try; without knowing you personally, they’re really gonna struggle! So! Here are some hard, fast rules!

1. Invest in what you love.

Don’t waste money on loads of eyeshadows in colours that you don’t like or won’t use. If you’re all about nudes then buy yourself a really good pallet of nudes but if you’re not really about playing up the eyes then buy a small pallet of nudes. If you’re all about mastering a decent red lip then devote your funds to a reasonable lip scrub, lip balm, lip pencil and red lipstick! Otherwise it is just money down the drain! Trends are fleeting; if you think bright blue eyeshadow makes you look like a circus time-warp from the 80’s, you’ll feel like a clown! Even common make-up practices might not be up your alley; you don’t have to highlight, strobe, contour, grout or spackle (please don’t google those, they’re not trends…yet), trust me. Especially if you’re quite happy with your face looking the shape it is! Embodying your own idea of beauty will make you feel more confident and then you will look more confident.

2. Clear out and clean up.

Boots, Superdrug, Sephora, Ulta, Debenhams…at the end of the dairy aisle in Tesco. You’re going to succumb to an impulse purchase every so often. My biggest issue is travelling away from home for the day or a week and realising I have forgotten a lipstick to touch up or a mascara on the morning of some party or other! These purchases are great in a pinch but sooner or later they end up gathering dust at the bottom of your makeup bag because they’re just not your go-to product! Another thing is that your products get shifted around (especially when you’re in a rush) so you can end up reaching into your bag for an eyeliner and coming out with a hand that could have been trapped in a Chilean mine-shaft! This can be off-putting when you want to create a look without ending up knee deep in cosmetics or with camo-stripes as foundation! Not only that but lots of nasties grow in un-kempt makeup bags and old products! Devote some time to going through your stash and sift through what is full, empty, clean, dirty, impulse-buy or make-up staple. Wipe your dirty products down, sharpen your pencils before replacing the lids, and wash your bag! It’ll hurt your heart to have wasted the money, and feel tedious, but it’ll save you agro in the long run!

3. Make some space.

This may seem a tad gratuitous, especially if you’re not a makeup fan…and if you’re not then we’re going to have that talk about why you’re here… on the off chance I haven’t swayed you into cosmetic compulsion. But another time! So yeah, space! Whether it be you’re makeup bag, a shelf, a corner, a room or an entire wing; you need a place to keep all your treasures in one place. This is aided by making that space exclusively for the application and removal of makeup! So either there is a mirror in that space or you equip that space with a mirror, it’s one decent way to keep you shiz together! The issue then comes if you’re mates are pre-drinking in the lounge while you’re stuck in the bog (toilet/restroom) or make-up area. This can be combatted in two ways; ensure you’re makeup is portable or engineer the space to be more accommodating! Whatever space you choose, this is how you avoid finding a lipstick under the sofa!

I prefaced this by saying hard, fast rules…I struggle with the 3rd so these are more like guidelines than actual rules! Though I consider myself a special case…and for “special case” see “lost cause”, I still find myself reaching breaking point and coming back to these 3 basic codes of conduct when it comes to my make-up!

What do you think? Are these some decent commandments?


Blink and You’ll Miss It! 

Michelle Keegan is beautiful in my opinion and, as seems to be the trend, has blossomed enough for a make-up company to snap her up to advertise something! I harbour a little bit of envy for her, to be honest, and who wouldn’t? The girl is hot, with a hot man and a hot lifestyle (many many Marbella holidays).
Enough of my girl-crushing, let’s talk product!

I was doing my usual procrastination on YouTube (because that’s how you earn a degree) and up MK popped up with a new Revlon mascara!

Revlon have created an easy-to-shop line of mascara’s, each colour coded for a different look. And I chose the All-In-One with the red top; volume, length and colour!

The packaging is really pleasant; the tube is matte black and the lid is lipstick red. It sort of resembles a dry marker. Not appealing to all but there is something distinctly pleasing about the reminder…possibly the smell? Which, while I remember, is actually quite strong! I don’t think I would want to accidentally stick myself in the eye with the brush.

However the brush is so dinky that an eyeloke wouldn’t cause too much damage. And it narrows at the top which means you can reach every lash but the bristles are few and short. This sort of affects the separation of the lashes somewhat so they seem to taper groups of them to points. However! If you have a lash comb then that shouldn’t be too much of a problem!

The product is thick and has fine fibres through it which gives a lot of volume! And it is super black creating a really classic, glamorous look!
I took this pic come the end of the day and there was no flaking or smudging after 5 hours wear and that is a major plus in comparison to other drugstore mascaras I own!

All in all this is a winner…and if it brings me closer to being Michelle Keegan, I am completely on board!

I Think That About Wraps It Up: 2015

Hey chaps and chapesses!

It has been a different Christmas for me; very Scottish! I have spent the last 8 Christmases in England; the North is far more indulgent and, as I have found, stressful in its own way.
There is a reason why I live over 300 miles away. We are all very different and regularly need our own space from each other. I, personally, enjoy the fleeting moments I spend with my family, appreciating them all the more for their rarity. We spent 20 years or so living in each others pockets, after all! And I think it is fair to say that as hilarious it is to take a day trip to an asylum or, in my family’s case, receive a visit from a psychopath, one would not choose to take a holiday there or make said psychopath a permanent housemate. The same applies to my other half’s family; a cup can be generously filled until overflowing and then it just makes a big old mess. Best to depart while there is still room for more!

New Year and I get on really well most of the time; I like the idea of people feeling hopeful, even just the smallest notion of hope! It makes me feel light and bubbly. My physical health certainly made life a little unbearable at some points this year but I am proud to say that I have come through it an feel so much stronger and more powerful for it!

This festive season gave me many opportunities to show off the range of glitter in my collection but I’m going to relish the coming months and an excuse to use some pastels and pinks sans sparkle! Only one more glitzy party look left for Hogmanay!
The Panda gifted unto me a new Sleek pallet which is going to inspire many mermaidian looks in prep for spring summer time.
Say! Let’s have a quick swatching session!
So until the new year here is a pictoral rundown of the things I have done to my face this Christmas along with all the wee pet names I have given them!


Right Royal Rudolph – Purple and Gold lid with a pinky-red lip!


Frost On Asphalt – Grey and black smoked out crease with a frosty white inner corner and a blushing pink lip!


Jingle All The Way – Gold lid with a matte brown cut crease and double wing paired with a just bitten lip.


The Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy- Smokey out pink and purple shadow with a frosty purple lip gloss.



Tinsel On The Tree- Smoked out green crease, blended into a gentle wing with a silver glitter lid and a glossy nude pout.



Silent Night- Navy blue smokey eye with a silver glittery inner corner paired with a glossy nude-pink lip!



Christmas Morning- Perfect present red pout with a plum, red and gold blended winged liner.


Holiday Shortbread- Soft, neutral shadow with a light mauve lip and small lick of liner!

So that’s it; Happy New Year!


See you for the first proper 2016 post coming soon in the form of a SALES HAUL!

I shall see you anon!


Think-le All The Way!

Merry Christmas Eve Eve!!!

Today’s look is a play on the Christmas carol “O’ Christmas Tree”. I like to imagine silver bells dangling from boughs of frosted green; super pretty!

This post is a tad different from yesterday! Do you see what I’m doing here? I’m giving some different layouts a good try! If my Instagram brought you here then you know I put on a wee video this morning showing you snippets of my application process. If my Instagram didn’t bring you here then you’ve joined us mid-story! You wouldn’t want to open the book when Harry was just being sorted into Gryffindor would you? Of course you wouldn’t!! You’ll have missed meeting Hagrid and buying the wand and getting the Hogwarts Express! Shame on you! Get to Instagram and find @thinkpippa and take a look at the video!

Now! The rest of you were obviously at the midnight launch dressed up, make up brushes at the ready- ah! You’re back from Instagram are you, fair weather reader? Excellent!

So today’s trial layout is simply posting a pic of the look and listing the things I used. No pictures or what have you because I’m resting! Putting this much glitz on ones face it a bit of a killer when you’re mid-M.E relapse prompts a sexy exorcist style vomit intermission and a sofa session. But I took it as an opportunity to try this.

I’m gonna post the look-layout like this:


And then give you a list of all the products I used like this:


Lime Crime Eyeshadow Primer
Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil in Cottage Cheese
Bourjois Smoky Eyes Eyeshadow Trio in Vert Jungle
Bourjois Smoky Eyes Eyeshadow Trio in Vert Trendy
Bourjois Ombre a Paupieres Eyeshadow in Noir Emeraude 07
Urban Decay Naked 3 Pallet in Strange
Urban Decay Naked 3 Pallet in Nooner
Barry M Dazzle Dust in #8 Iridescent Silver
Miss Sporty Clear Mascara (for getting the glitter to stick)
Stargazer Holographic Glitter
Collection 24h Felt Tip Liner in Teal
Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara


Bare Minerals primer
Clinique Redness Reducing Foundation in Shade 2
Vichy Derma-Blend Foundation in Opal
Smashbox Photoset Finishing Powder
Laura Geller Baked Gelato Vivid Swirl Blush in Plumberry

Makeup Revolution Lip Liner in
MAC Crème d’Nude Lipstick
MAC Nymphette Lipglass.

And then lie back and relax while you frantically Google  what the products look like and then attempt to find dupes in your collection! I am awfully wicked aren’t I? Muwahaha!

But in all seriousness, I find this sort of make-up post seriously annoying and it is why, when it comes to looking for looks to try, I make a bee-line for YouTube! But experimenting is fun; I want to make ALL the rookie mistakes! Speaking of YouTube; Some of my fave MUA’s are Chrisspy, Glam and Gore, NikkieTutorials and Carli Bybel! Each of them has their own speciality but they’re all fantastic! If you haven’t checked any of them out then you really should and, if they ask (like, say, they bring your attention to the comment section), tell ‘em who sent ‘ya!

I am really loving doing these Christmas looks. I started at the beginning of the week with a “Jingle All The Way” look, which I like to think evokes the sassier of Santa’s reindeer, all glitzed out in gold reigns and jingle bells!


My house is a tad bare at the moment because I’m not decorating! I am spending my first Christmas in 8 years all the way up in Scotland with my family! Super-duper excited! I hope you are feeling the Holiday spirit where you are!

Stay tuned for tomorrows Christmas eve look which I’m feeling will be inspired by Silent Night!

Think-le It With Sugar!

Thought I would pop up a chipper make up post. Especially since yesterday was a teensy bit on the morbid side!

I do enjoy a bit of cathartic blogging but, let’s move onto something a bit more Christmas-y and a bit less life-time movie!

So today’s look is based on the Sugarplum Fairy from The Nutcracker ballet. I decided to get going on some decent glitter looks now that Christmas is only 2 days away!


Sugar Plum Fairy!

I started with my usual Lime Crime shadow primer and then popped on a generic white chunky eye pencil on the lid, blending it up to the brow.

I got a bit creative with my pinks after that mixing Barry M #95 and Makeup Revolutions Angelic together and pressing it on top the eye lid and blending it into a gentle wing.


I blended Rimmel Monoshadow in Audacious Amethyst into the crease, up into the brow and toward the inner and outer corner. Topped that with Accessorise shadow in Ultra Violet! This has a gorgeous cobalt duo-chrome that makes me die … Though not literally because, you know, it’s make-up…not anthrax!

Before too much shimmer took over, I blended Barry M #DD99, a dark matte purple, into the outer corner and 1/4 of the way into the crease.

Back to the main lid, and I patted a light dusting of Topshop’s Holographic shadow on top of the pink then dusted it with a mix of Barry M Pink Glitter and MAC’s 3D glitter in Lavender!
I used Natural Collection Soft Pink as a matte highlight on the brow.
I went commando with my brows!

I did my usual base of Bare Minerals primer, Estée Lauder Double Wear foundation in Ecru and Smashbox Photoset finishing powder. Then went back to the eyes blending my make-shift pink mix on the lower lid towards the corner, Accessorize Ultra Violet at the middle and Barry M #DD99 (matte purple) at the outer lower corner.

I used Max Factors Metallic Lilac liquid liner on the upper lash line with the finest and smallest wing and a small bit of Rimmel black kohl liner at the outer lower lash line for definition. I topped it off with black Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara!

Lips are Galactic Mauve by Maybelline!

On the apples of my cheeks is Lancôme BLush Subtil in Rose Paradis with Bobbi Brown shimmer brick in Rose on the cheek bones!

I feel like I’m sounding very clinical; do I sound very House MD to you? It’s because I’m fricken EXHAUSTED and long to be A coma guy! *yawn*!


Got another make up look coming right at you tomorrow! MORE GLITTER!!! MORE GLITTTTEEERRRR!!!

Put On Your Thinking Cap. 

So! I’m back! My sincerest apologies but sometimes my body and my mind refuse to play ball. I’ve had a lot of time to rest, reflect, reap the benefits of hair dye and wretch at my own stench. Now this may have taken me 3 hours to achieve but I have managed to make myself look and feel a little more human (mostly because I no longer smell like a wild animal that has rolled in something dead). 

This has been an outfit in the works since summer. I’ve been trying to find a way to take this oversized shirt dress into autumn/winter. I am super proud because I think pulling of thigh high boots when you’re under 5ft 6 is a talent…I think I did it quite well! 

The shirt is several sizes too big from Primark for £11. I think my other half was concerned that I was expecting some serious weight gain and not because he is a fattist, its because I am definitely not wanting any baby pandas! 

The boots were a steal at £15 from eBay and last winter season from Matalan! 

A star necklace gave a bit of interest to the whole thing and the grey really played off the silver. 

I topped it off with a hat I got from Select for £9 and my black cane for added Jack The Ripper flair! Okay, no; for balance as I have the serious T-Swizzles! 

I am loving this cape that I also nabbed from eBay because it gives me some ventilation when I have my hourly hot flash and sweat shower! Plus the tied waist really makes me feel good about my body (a novelty when it seems to be on a never ending quest to make me feel uncomfortable at every waking moment).


I did a simple pink shimmer eye with some winged liner and a spot of lippy with gloss and that was it!

Oh! And did you notice the other big difference? Yeah. I’m standing up. That wasn’t it? Oh, right! my hair is red. Again. Not that you would know when it was red previously! But it’s back. 

That wasn’t really specific to the outfit of the day but it certainly makes me feel warm and toasty inside for the Autumn! 
My CFS permitted me a nice stint in the library, always easier when one doesn’t smell like the arse end of an incontinent donkey! And I even had the energy and a little less nausea to have a pleasant lunch THEN a movie round the girls house! I was struggling to breathe abut by the end of the night but here I am, just slamming this up to say ‘hello’! And ‘please forgive me for leaving you. I know, I know you needed money to buy her nappies…Well it’s not my fault she ranaway…with the Mexican knee-pit model? I thought he was an Avon rep….well, yes, I suppose it is the better of the two…no, it didn’t start with the tattoo…no, no, it was all those midnight quesadilla you let her eat…can’t we just agree that I had more important things to do, you can check my Facebook, I’ll accuse you of cheating and argue that the kids aren’t mine and we’ll resolve it in a week on Jeremy Kyle?’
…. I tried to ease you back into my mind, there. This is what my weeks have been made up of. Day time tv, easy to cook meals and make up tutorials!
Shall see you anon,

Make Somethink Up

I make no secret of this…I have WAY too much make up for someone who doesn’t actually do make-up for a living. I’ve seen the make up bags of friends and it’s pretty much a two lipstick, one pallet, one eyeliner, foundation, powder and mascara kind of deal. And I don’t judge…okay I do judge when the don’t have even just ONE make up brush of any shape or form. But I completely understand that one average sized make up bag is enough for one person.

What I’m trying to say is that: I am Pippa Cooper and I am addicted to make-up. Remorselessly and with no pending plans for recovery. So when I was offered a ticket to the Estée Lauder Staff Shop…I would have unapologetically cut a bitch to spend only 5 minutes in that place. Needless to say that it takes more than 5 minutes to fully engage in prayer here, my house of worship. It takes approximately an hour to achieve enlightenment. 

The staff shop is invitation (or, of course, staff only) and you can purchase products for up to 30% off RRP. Combine this with some of the purchases being a gift… It makes for, what I deem to be, my first blog haul! 

The decent thing about a staff shop, I found, was that there was less faffing with customer service. It’s there if you need it, and exemplary at that, but I felt far more relaxed browsing there than in any department store. Possibly because if you are there then you are more than likely be a bit versed in what you’re shopping rather than someone who doesn’t have to consider a 12 step program to curb their foundation habit!

One of the draw backs is that you’re not going to get the most well known products of any brand. So don’t expect to wander in and pick up Velvet Teddy or Ruby Woo. Foundation in your colour might be difficult too as the selection of colours in each brand is limited too. 

Those minor issues aside…wow. Just…wow! The selection of brands and the range of products available across the shop is amazing! I could have stretched my hour or so into two or three more. Easily! 
Onto the purchasing! 

First: I’ve been after a new perfume for a while and was drawn to the bottle of My Ny by DKNY. It’s sweet but tart and rich without being overwhelming which is a middle ground between my summer and winter fragrances. The bottle looks like it was painted by Picasso; very cubist… So, yoink!

Second, I snapped up this Bobby Brown Shimmer Brick as an illuminator. It’s got a pretty pink tone but has some lighter ones so I could use it as a blusher and a strobing product! AND it came with a brush! 😀 

Next! A black mascara from the MAC: Toledo collection in Vinyl to replace my many drug store ones that are running out! 


I nabbed a goodie bag which had 4 Mineralize lipglass’ in it! 3 nudey/transparents (names IN the photo) and one interesting green sheen… Dunno what to do with that one! There was also a Cremesheen Lipglass (name under the photo too!) in a beautiful autumnal purple-y colour! 


One of my favourites that I nabbed was this sweet purple tone holo glitter by MAC! Eep! It’s perfect for Halloween (I am going as Jem!!) or for any wintery looks I might wanna add a bit of glitz too! Because everything, even the British winter weather, is better if it sparkles…apart from your time of the month…wait…no, that would definitely be far better with glitter! 

COLOUR: 3D Lavender

I love lashes but most of the time I don’t have a steady enough hand to put them on. So on a less-shakey day I like to pop on eyeliner AND lashes! I was due a new liquid liner so I got a MAC Liquidlast liner in an off black….last it does!!! And I picked up some #41 lashes from MAC too! NOT PICTURED was a suggestion from my friend/ticket inside which was the MAC Eyebrows Pencil in Spiked! 


Finally, from the staff shop, was the Smashbox Photoset Finishing Powder which I’ve seen so many YouTubers and Drag Queens use that I HAD to pick up! And I can’t wait to use it and replace my Rimmel one which is almost completely empty! 


As a last little snippet (which should surely prove my level of addiction) two days before going to the staff shop, I nabbed some duo-chrome eyeshadows from Topshop! Buildable and blendable, I LOVE them! 


LEFT TO RIGHT: Holograph, Shuffle the Cards


So, yes! That’s the haul and, in all seriousness, I’m so grateful for today and everything I got today and how I’ve spent my morning and who I’ve spent it with! It sort of reminds me of things I’m good at and how people know these things about me. And of course I share these skills for free. I can’t wait to pamper my friends for gradball next year… Should I get there! 

Shall see you anon!

P.s. If you want to win a tshirt with a rose gold tinkerbell on it (and who doesn’t) go to my Instagram and comment your happy thought on this “WIN THIS TSHIRT” pic! Be one of 3 to nab it! 

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