The Beelzebub In The Brush Strokes

There is a persistent assumption about make-up; that it’s intention is to fabricate something that doesn’t already have form. It creates cheek bones on a round face, lips from a fine line, push social boundaries that were steady. It is a message to the outside world: “I wish to mask myself”.

And it can be; Kardashian highlighting, instabrows, Kylie Jenner lips. These trends revolutionized makeup and what it means to apply it. Surprisingly enough, I err more towards freshed face looks, doing very little to adjust the shape of my face. Make-up is less a fashion statement for me and more of an enhancement of my best self. And as that changes from day to day, so does my make-up. If I’m feeling in touch with my body (whether that be CFS pain/fatigue or sexy to the nines) I like to embrace that! I want to look tired when I feel tired or look sexy when I feel sexy. If I am feeling more intouch with my imagination, I will replicate that in glitter or assuming a character. I purposefully choose to adjust my outside to suit my inside.

It is a conundrum that must plague those whom see make-up at that attempt to redefine what is. It may simply be an enhancement of what already exists. An unpainted canvase, no matter how big or small, is a masterpiece waiting to be revealed

Make-up, for me, is not a statement of vanity, it is not a reflection of my insecurity. It is a method of expression, a moving element of creativity and a true statement of my inner-self.


She’s Far Out, Daddy-O!

My Bestie, Bb, is one class act! She’s funny, bubbly and sensitive. And I wouldn’t do anything to change her …until she asks me to do her make-up and hair. Then all bets are firmly off!

She was going to a 60’s do with her other half and I decided to give her a Bardot half up-do with a neutral cut crease and a nude lip.

I love doing one on one make-overs with my friends because it really allows for some much needed bonding. PLUS there is something to show for it at the end that is a true example of time well spent in decent company!

To create this eye look I used the Naked 3 Pallet from Urban Decay, Maybellines 24/7 Gel Liner and Eylure lashes in 120.

Oh! And if you haven’t invested in a Beauty Blender just yet? You would be crazy not to!

Hope you like it!

What is your go to decade for inspiration? Do you like the high voltage neon of the 90’s, a 50’s inspired red lip or a high contour from the 00’s?

I Think She’s a Pippa Ever So Pink!

Oh my dearest spoonie gods…you torment me with ailments that I must sleep through like the dead and then raise me up like a zombie! I look like one, I smell like one and, given my appetite, I proceeded to eat like one with fury and gnashing teeth! Omnomnomnom! I have passed my waking time watching BBC dramatized versions of The Chronicles of Narnia from the late 80’s and much stroking of the catten!

Yesterday I managed to get out and about to do a spot of shopping! It was fantastic! People, fresh air, being upright. Never underestimate the ability of small things to make one feel alive! I took a saunter into Lush for a wee scout around thinking I would do a wee expo on how to make your lips look fantastic in winter! Myskin has been a bit greasy so my lips haven’t needed much tlc so my best of intentions turned into a bit of a swatching session!

A swatching of this.

This. THIS. Let us talk about this colour for a second. I can’t even…it’s like pink bubblegum from Venus; look at the cool toned shimmer! It’s Passionate. Made by the loving hands of Bianca and 50% off at Lush. Who am I to say no? I was close when I saw the use by date of October THIS YEAR!


But what the hey! I love you guys, I love make-up…I have just got to dedicate myself to this colour for the next few months! So I said yes! Yes yes yes! It smells waxy, for lack of a better word. It’s all product and no perfume which I like because I know the pigment isn’t diluted by trying to make the product smell like a bed of roses. That’s what the other shiz I bought is for…but more on that another time!


The applicator is one of those sponge tips which is perfect for thesmooth formula to glide on! The weird non-functional dropper-top thing came off mine which is good because the wider rim made application a like a game of hide and seek with my Cupid’s bow, but was bad in the way that the applicator was the size of my pinky finger…



My T-Swizzles meant that using this made for a lot of resting and wrist pain! Ain’t no body got time for that! So I think next time I will switch to using one of my make-up brushes. Also… can we talk about product gains? I felt I had to dip-double dip- triple dip to get a decent amount of product on the applicator! I see me taking out that infuriating stopper and decanting the whole thing into a pot because you really can’t get enough on the damn stick!

The beautiful and chipper sales assistant described it as a stain. But it was so moisturising on application (seriously, like room temp butter on bread) that I didn’t really get the feel of a stain? The coverage was smooth and I doubled up the layers to get a stronger payoff and then waited….and waited…and waited for this stain effect. Then I got bored and wanted to drink something so I blotted it twice. BOOM!


It’s a matte liquid lipstick; colour me surprised…and pink. We discussed the pink didn’t we? Let’s die a little bit more over it shall we? Truly put a nail in the coffin?

Yup! Ready yourself St Peter, I’m coming up fabulous and ready to repent! Unsurprisingly this came off super easy with soap and water and no scrubbing! But it stuck on through a whole session of yoga and a pint of smoothie! And it didn’t make my lips into two slabs petrified wood! So aside from the applicator being the size of a baby’s finger and the stingy amount you get from one dip in the bottle, Lush have nailed a liquid lipstick!

I. Am. In. Love!

Think-le It With Sugar!

Thought I would pop up a chipper make up post. Especially since yesterday was a teensy bit on the morbid side!

I do enjoy a bit of cathartic blogging but, let’s move onto something a bit more Christmas-y and a bit less life-time movie!

So today’s look is based on the Sugarplum Fairy from The Nutcracker ballet. I decided to get going on some decent glitter looks now that Christmas is only 2 days away!


Sugar Plum Fairy!

I started with my usual Lime Crime shadow primer and then popped on a generic white chunky eye pencil on the lid, blending it up to the brow.

I got a bit creative with my pinks after that mixing Barry M #95 and Makeup Revolutions Angelic together and pressing it on top the eye lid and blending it into a gentle wing.


I blended Rimmel Monoshadow in Audacious Amethyst into the crease, up into the brow and toward the inner and outer corner. Topped that with Accessorise shadow in Ultra Violet! This has a gorgeous cobalt duo-chrome that makes me die … Though not literally because, you know, it’s make-up…not anthrax!

Before too much shimmer took over, I blended Barry M #DD99, a dark matte purple, into the outer corner and 1/4 of the way into the crease.

Back to the main lid, and I patted a light dusting of Topshop’s Holographic shadow on top of the pink then dusted it with a mix of Barry M Pink Glitter and MAC’s 3D glitter in Lavender!
I used Natural Collection Soft Pink as a matte highlight on the brow.
I went commando with my brows!

I did my usual base of Bare Minerals primer, Estée Lauder Double Wear foundation in Ecru and Smashbox Photoset finishing powder. Then went back to the eyes blending my make-shift pink mix on the lower lid towards the corner, Accessorize Ultra Violet at the middle and Barry M #DD99 (matte purple) at the outer lower corner.

I used Max Factors Metallic Lilac liquid liner on the upper lash line with the finest and smallest wing and a small bit of Rimmel black kohl liner at the outer lower lash line for definition. I topped it off with black Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara!

Lips are Galactic Mauve by Maybelline!

On the apples of my cheeks is Lancôme BLush Subtil in Rose Paradis with Bobbi Brown shimmer brick in Rose on the cheek bones!

I feel like I’m sounding very clinical; do I sound very House MD to you? It’s because I’m fricken EXHAUSTED and long to be A coma guy! *yawn*!


Got another make up look coming right at you tomorrow! MORE GLITTER!!! MORE GLITTTTEEERRRR!!!

The Thinks We Do For Love…And Cake.

(Disclaimer: 1.These are my own opinions and I state them as fact purely for dramatic dialogue…and because I’m a loud mouthed Scottish Pixie who likes to speak in metaphors incredibly loudly and with disregard for others perspectives on matters of the heart…bringing me to point 2. If you are currently enduring heartbreak, my commiserations to you. It is tough and gruelling and the most hateful of experiences and I warn you to proceed with caution.)

I considered this blog following cake at The Tenth Hole with some very beautiful and very special ladies in my life (there you go…you’ve been mentioned). Side note: The Tenth Hole, Portsmouth, has servings of cake that could sink a ship and has never failed to impress us, especially Riley who, I am pretty sure, would probably turn vigilante if the world supply of cake was withheld from her. I would recommend the Carrot Cake, the Strawberry & Clotted Cream Sponge AND the Mac ‘n’ Cheese with Bacon….and a side of potato wedges (which are massive).


Where was I? Oh yes!

Love changes people; if you’re thinking of an argument to that then I deduce that you have never truly been in love. Or you do not have full comprehension of the term “love”. I should have prefaced this by stressing that not all love is the relationship with whom you share the bed/sweaty-naughty times. I am talking about true, deep and unwavering love which exists in many forms between people and is a necessary consequence of the human condition.

Yes; love changes people. It is an invisible force which makes a poet of a mute, a warrior of a coward and an angel of a demon. And although it is, by and large, unseen; it is, by no uncertain measures, felt with the force of a double decker bus to the chest, or a flutter in the belly, or barbed wire in the throat.

Seriously, it has the impact of putting an ancient, fraying recliner chair in front of an artistic masterpiece in the National Gallery. Only it isn’t the National Gallery, it’s your heart. It isn’t a recliner chair, it’s another human being. And it isn’t a Monet painting, it’s your own sense of self. Confused yet? Let me explain. You make space for each person you love. You build rooms in your heart for them and you build rooms on top of them and around them and, slowly, love becomes so much a part of your heart that it is a part of you. So when someone shifts out of your heart (a.k.a. that mouldy recliner ejects itself through the ceiling), it can be similar to someone removing a main joist from your roof. By and large, the roof starts caving in and you’re pretty damn sure that if you don’t keep it together, you’re going to fall apart completely. It hurts…remarkably similar to being flattened by a house…or so I would imagine. This isn’t Oz after all.

But it sounds pretty serious, doesn’t it? And hearts are super fragile real-estate so let’s be glad that they aren’t insurable or mortgaged! It would be a pretty expensive business, insuring against heartbreak.

However, as when most precious things break, the dust will settle…and we can survey the damage. I can assure you of one thing, your heart is still standing. It probably has a leaky roof, broken windows and dilapidated walls. But it rests on a strong design ethos that was there before love got there. Yep, it’s the kitsch tiffany lamp that you really can’t stand the sight of, that you’re not even sure you like and you’re just as unsure if anyone else likes; You just can’t get rid of it! You invested so much in it in the first place.


It’s you. You’re the kitsch Tiffany Lamp. You’re timeless, tried and tested, built on years of intuitive and revolutionary design experience, covetable and or exceptionable quality. And when you’re in the ruin of heartbreak…you’re certainly the most beautiful thing in the room. You probably forgot that your lampshade dipped like that from the time your brother told you that you were stupid, or that you’ve got a wee chip here from when the poop-head in primary school pulled your hair, or that you’re fuse needs replacing from the first argument you had with your mother and you thought that she’d never love you ever again. Your glass is dusty, your bulbs blown but…like your beat-up husk of a heart…you’re still in pretty good nick! Just one trip to the hardware store at a time…and soon, you’ll be a functioning Tiffany lamp, again. Still little chipped, still a little crooked…but beautiful and working.

Switched on, you light up the room and slowly you can see where things went wrong. You kick yourself for putting that love there because it blocked your view of the ocean. You’ll be frustrated at the time you shoved that love in a corner because it was in the way of the wardrobe extension. You’ll laugh at the time that love flooded the bathroom floor because it disagreed with the amount of make-up wipes you used on Halloween. Thing is…you see this from the perspective of being the last thing standing. You’re still a Tiffany Lamp. No matter where you’re put or how much you forget your worth to your heart; you are still the Tiffany Lamp. If you weren’t there, people would look around wondering where the Tiffany Lamp has gone because things would be a damn sight gloomier and less colourful. You make the heart what it is.
Looking on the more positive side; love, as destructive or ill-fitting as it can be…can also be the accent to our hearts. When we’ve recovered the vestiges of the plasterboard and glued the sodding table leg back on (albeit with a slight wobble so you are always worried about your meatballs rolling off your plate) we can see places that could do with a something extra or we notice things we didn’t see before.

Real talk now; it could be a new friend, a new hobby, a new sodding lipstick (that you buy several of in case they discontinue it), an old book you forgot you had, a type of music you never thought you would like (Eminem; seriously…how could have missed your genius? Possibly because I had my head buried up Marilyn Manson’s ass with alongside my new rocks and blind love for anything but my own perspective). But whatever it is, it’s illuminated and enhanced by you; the beautiful Tiffany Lamp.

You get me?

I shall see you anon.