Get Your Glow From Downtown

I used to think I had a bouncing baby face…correction, I used to have a bouncing baby face because I carried a large amount of puppy fat. I do still have some spectacular tweekable cheekables but they have evolved into something a little less beachball-y and a little more adorable. This is what happens when you give up binge eating Cadburys mini-rolls kids! Preserve some cheekbones, don’t abuse chocolate; treat it kindly with a glass of wine to wash it down!

Where was I? Oh yeah! Tackling the moon-face will probably always be a curse of mine because I’ve been blessed with wide cheeks, wide jaw and wide forehead for all of Nasa to see. Capturing the angles with the camera was always my method of choice until I discovered contouring!  And from contouring…I discovered strobing; some new-fangled trend that I am yet to dedicate myself to in the day-to-day. Think contouring in reverse. In response to this trend or perhaps the other way around, high end brands have begun churning out shimmer after shimmery shade of highlighter to bring out the more edgy edges of your visage. Call me tight but I am loathed to shell out £30!!! for a trending product no matter how desperate I am for a cheekbone that rivals Ange in Maleficent! Judge all you want! A girl’s gotta eat…and this girl can’t live off own-brand miniature chocolate rolls! Gimme the good stuff!

So while some more dedicated (and probably a tad more well-off) make-up gurus are investing in Anastasia Beverly Hills Gleam and Glow palettes, I went on the hunt for something a little less bankrupting! Imagine my joy when I found a remarkable dupe from my guilty pleasure Makeup Revolution! I give you the Highlight and Radiance palettes. Jumping out at me like gold bullion from the stand for a mere £8 each from Superdrug; Yup! That’s for me!

The Highlight pallet features three shades more on the cold end of the colour spectrum and I mention it first because it is undeniably my favourite! They don’t have names for themselves but I couldn’t resist giving them some of my own!



L-R: Tchaikovsky, En Pointe, A.Pavlova

So the first is Tchaikovsky; so named because he wrote the score for several of my favourite ballets…you’re going to notice a theme here VERY quickly. Tchaikovsky is a yellow-toned ivory with a gold shimmer.

En Pointe is next because I think it is the exact same colour as a pair of brand new satin pointe shoes. It is a near to neutral nude with a peach shimmer.

A. Pavlova (so named after the Prima Ballerina…or the dessert…I’m not picky but I am hungry) is a cool pink with a rose gold sheen and this, by far is my favourite from my favourite palette of the two! I loved it so much that I did a random make-up look just so I could use it as much as possible! Here I use it on my cupids bow, nose bridge, brow, cheekbones and on the inner corner of my eye. Simply can’t get enough.

The powders are smooth and don’t clump but, I have to admit, they’re not as fine as a high end product…I’m not complaining. I believe in layering so I wasn’t put off by the fact that I had to apply the powder twice to get some extreme pay off. But I don’t think you’ll be wanting such a strong appearance for every day wear as this anyway!


The Radiance palette is something I see being perfect for the summer time but, for whatever reason, it didn’t sit as well on my skin in either colour or texture as the other. I guess for the sake of not appearing biased (THE OTHER PALETTE IS SO MUCH MORE BEAUTIFUL AND WONDERFUL AND NICE AND I AM GOING TO WEAR IT SO MUCH) I will have to name the colours in it to…they’re not going to be as inventive, I warn you.


L-R: My Skin But Better, Barbie Flesh, Slutty Skipper

So! First we have My Skin But Better. And by this I mean I am not entirely sure if it’s just a translucent powder with a hella lotta mica in it. It really is just the tone of my skin but with a healthy sheen.

Barbie flesh is next. It is a lighter, cooler nude with a satin pearly finish.

Finally we have Slutty Skipper. It is a warm honey shade with a satin gold sheen which I think is probably my favourite but I’m not gonna be wearing it for another few months as it’s quite tan whereas I am channelling my inner Casper the friendly ghost and am so pale that I practically glow in the fricken dark!


The feel of these are more talc-y and I felt the application wasn’t as smooth as it could have been with powder clinging to dips and fine hair all over the show…and I’m not exactly sporting much bum-fluff on my face!


The one thing I will say about both is that there is a lot of shimmer in them. The aim is for it to be fine but any fallout is gonna have a bit of a sugar-plum fairy effect so watch it! I, personally, love glitter in all it’s forms so I relish in that extra sparkle I leave behind every hand shake!

So here they are in a row!


Daylight without flash.


Daylight with flash.

If you’re low on funds and still desperate for an attempt at the strobing trend, this is a perfect alternative to ABHs!

See you anon,



Think With A Plum In Your Mouth! 

Okay chaps. I am a drugstore whore. I’m pretty sure that this is how I got addicted to make up. What you do is you develop a taste for the good stuff: Estée Lauder, Mac, Urban Decay. But it all starts with that cheap gateway drug: good ol’ Miss Sporty. Those were the days when you could achieve a raccoon eye with a quick £1.99 kohl pencil and your finger tip. No more expensive than a Mr. Whips ice-cream and JUST as satisfying! 

Needless to say that was the limit of my make up skills until I was 22; I was a non-committed, soft-core (otherwise known as ‘a wannabe’) Goth and pretty much pressed near-white powder and eyeliner was all I needed! Now I have an IKEA Billy bookcase dedicated to my make up stash (which is still growing)! 

And like all good things in life sometimes the taste is just too rich and you have to scrimp on something bottom shelf, run-of-the-mill and every day. I do it shamelessly. It’s a cheap score and usually a good one! 

This weeks handover consisted of an old favourite introduced to me by my mother (this is the moment where I reiterate that I am talking about make-up and not heroin; my mother was a punk who chain-smoked but track marks were not her style)! 

I don’t think there has ever been a time where I haven’t attempted to steal from my mothers make-up stash and not found a Bourjois product in there. In fact between that and her ability to help me with my French homework and the number of pictures from her high school trips to France I was almost mistaken in thinking that she was French at some point in her life. It’s fair to say that, in the past, my mother has abused bronzer much like an alcoholic abuses White Lightening. I would like to think yours truly has rubbed off on her. She has deviated to high-end products and muted the war paint but before then it was heavy Bourjois contour all the way. I kid myself when I think I have influenced her at all. Her consistency and dedication to a defined contour has, in turn, put her up there with the Kardashians, front runners of make-up trendsetting. You know what they say; stick with something long enough and it will come into fashion. And that puts me to shame as I was the one that brow beat her for too much bronzer. More fool me. Momma knows best! 

I have acted upon her knowing best and I own several Bourjois trio pallets of different colour schemes and, in the past, a passing lipgloss. But I have never had a lipstick. 
LA Splash cosmetics recently released a set of cream lipsticks with a matte finish… And they are wildly expensive in the UK and I refuse to pay £14 to £18 for something which only costs $8. That’s a 50% markup on street value; do I look like I haven’t done this before?! 

Aurora – LASplash Cosmetics.


The Disney princess collection was the one that got my interest and Aurora in particular; my god. I have dreams about that colour. Somewhere between mauve, pink and purple is Aurora but I couldn’t get my bloody hands on it because I am a cheap ass ho! 
But then, out of the dark like an exotic (thought slightly shady) Colombian entrepreneur, Bourjois brought me Rouge Edition Velvet in Plum Plum Girl.  

Plum Plum Girl – Bourjois


It may not be named after a Disney princess but man does this product pack a Plum-punch! 

It is definitely matte, highly pigmented and has some staying power… once dry. Which brings me to issue one; this bitch takes ages to dry. Seriously and we’re talking like five minutes for a lipstick. So that is probably because it’s trying desperately to deliver on it’s claim that near 80% insist that they can’t feel the lipstick when it’s on. It’s hardly the heaviest or drying of the products I ever tried but I’m certainly very aware that I’m wearing lipstick. For one my lips when I pucker them do stick together! 

But that colour though; girl if I could I would eat my lips off my face! It is a very close dupe to Aurora and this is coming from advice from other folk! It’s pretty much a slamdunk for autumn/fall make-up trends! 

I am yet to test the longevity of the colour to the max but I will say that even after drying to the point where it didn’t transfer on the skin it still transferred onto my coffee cup so I will be a little bit dubious to the 24 hour claim until proven otherwise. To be honest, though, how often am I going to be sitting kissing my Costa takeaway coffee cup! And would I mind reapplying throughout the day in public? Hell to the no! The colour is seriously sexy and it slides on it like a dream with that narrow tipped sponge brush!

And did I mention it’s super buildable! You can pat on with one finger and it takes on this kind of just bitten look; a bonus of that super extended drying time!

 Or you can properly vamp it up and do two applications to get proper colour payoff! 

All in all, if it lives up to its 24 hour claim then it’s a winner in my eyes. In fact, if it lives up to even a 7 hour, self-imposed claim, it’s a winner. I mean, you should never trust an addict, unless she’s in the market…then she’ll tell you where to get the good stuff. 

Shall see you anon,