Tall Think Of Water!

I swore I would never be one of those girls who would post a haul of any kind. I’m not stylish enough, I’m not rich enough and I hardly have an eye for a bargain…and then I fell in love with a sleeveless, rust coloured wool-blend coat with a tie waist from Dorothy Perkins that was 60% off. I fell off the wagon big style! However I take solace in the fact that I cleared out my entire wardrobe before spending a single penny and donated one large, stuffed refuse bag of decent clothing to charity!

What you see here is the culmination of two weeks dedicated sale shopping! Including one special piece in the lower right hand corner that I have placed for sentimental value…and just to show off how beautiful that piece in particular is!


I chose each of these pieces for their versatility to take me through the remainder of the winter and into the Spring and maybe be recycled in the Autumn. Some pieces are very much casual but I can see them all working together somehow which brings me great joy! There are some bits in my wardrobe that I can’t bare to part with yet but that’s because I am a seasonal shopper. I don’t like to think about it being 30 Degrees plus when the temp is still in single figures!

I tried to steer clear of trend pieces…save that one very 70’s throwback dress in the middle… and stick to colours and prints that I know I wear regularly. I favour greys, blues and blacks with neutrals thrown in. Above all else, I prize shoes so I needed to get pieces that would work with my burgeoning shoe collection. Texture wise I have grown to loath jersey material with a passion. It’s clingy, it marks easily, it shows all sweat patches, it bobbles and it loses its shape to the point where you may as well have purchased a canvas bag for your skirt! So I have invested in woven, knit and leather bits!

I have been lusting after the camel/black chevron tunic from Dorothy Perkins (Dotty P’s got a lot of my custom this year already, saucy minx) since before New Year and I had to snap it up when it went down to £18 from £25! They offer a free postage service to the shop which I took advantage of too!



New Year often means New Bras! And I’m still clinging to those in my underwear drawer that haven’t seen the light of day since I was 20. That statement carries more weight to it at the moment because this year I turn 28. In a bid to force my hand, I have purchased 2 single bras and one underwear set. No doubt they will fall to the whey side but, as I type this, I am conscious that I’ve set aside the next half an hour for going through the Bermuda triangle that is the bottom drawer!


I must take a moment to mention those shoes. These could be considered an impulse purchase as I wandered in, saw them and then bought them. But if you know the story of how my bestie and I dressed up to the nines to go and see the first SaTC movie and saw these shoes and I died on the spot…it doesn’t seems like much of an impulse. These aren’t Manoloes…but I saw the real deal in Las Vegas and… I’m glad they’re not. The brooch on the front is far more sparkly, the satin is a cobalt rather than a navy and the heel creates a much more beautiful arch to the foot! I ADORE THEM! And I am torn between wearing them now or saving them for my graduation where I will insist on wearing completely impractical shoes. Those could be them! I will fall arse over tit across a stage for my diploma…simply to be seen in these beauties!
What did you snap up in the Boxing Day/ January sales? What things do you see taking you through the year? Maybe into 2017?