Rosie-tinted Glasses

I can’t remember the first time I saw Rosie Huntington Whitley but I distinctly recall some serious green-eyed monster stirrings because she was long and lithe in comparison to my 5ft 3inches of curvaceous glory…once I got over that mind you, I admired her English-rose allure and classic, glamorous style! It was she that inspired me to start dressing a little more demurely, choosing an understated approach to sexy!

Fast-forward to this year and I find out that she’s released a make-up line exclusive to Marks & Spencer! And that it was carefully selected to suit her ‘Devonshire cream-tea in the spring time’ aesthetic! AND that it is not tested on animals, hypoallergenic and suitable for vegans! Wow! So I snapped up a couple of pieces to do a bit of a review!


I nabbed a powder bronzer (£18) , cream blusher (£14) , concealer (£14) , eyeshadow palette (£18) , liquid liner (£14) and lipstick (£14)! They come in super chic and shiny black boxes with Rosie-gold (see what I did there?) details.

The products all have sturdy, heavy rose gold metal casings which really mimic seriously high end products rather than high street, and so it should considering the price you pay for each item! Each one is etched with Rosie for Autograph and her wee signature rose!
I chose the Deco Diamonds palette which has 3 shimmery colours and 1 matte, all relatively cool shades of shadow! The colour payoff is subtle but buildable and the texture is relatively smooth on all but the lightest and most shimmery cream colour with is a tad gritty and doesn’t go on as smooth as it could which is a shame for the price! But the pans are generous in size so that is a plus.
The Bronzed Beauty bronzer is embossed with a Rosie rose and has a smooth, matte texture but it a tad on the orange side for my liking. It might be more suitable for summer wear. Applying it sparingly might help too so I’m not going to compost it just yet!
Natures Blush has a balmy texture which proves to have some sticking power and brings a pleasant, sheer, dewy hue to the skin!
The miracle concealer comes in limited shades so I got something inventively named “1”. I assumed this to be the lightest but it’s less of a concealer and more of an illuminator with a salmon tint to combat any bluish under eye circles. It was a little too creamy for my liking and, without a primer, I’m sure it would shift and melt!

I got the lipstick for its name. Honestly. I wanted to pay homage to the young folk! It is called I Love You So Much (ILYSM) -yes. Yes it features the acronym- and its this gorgeous, near coral pink. The product is sheer and build-able making it a very versatile shade!

I’ve saved the best till last! This liner! This liner! It is worth the weight of its packaging and all the pennies I spent on it! It has a firm, tapered felt tip and the pigmentation is wonderful! It creates a sharp wing effortlessly and there is no need to go over it to improve the coverage! I love it! I got it in the shade Intense Black and it dries to that colour and is flexible so there is no cracking or smearing after a day’s wear. I was even subjected to some serious drizzle which it survived, intact, with no end to reapply! This is definitely going to be a staple!

All in all I’m not sure all the products are worth what they are priced but there are some serious front runners for some everyday staples including two items I have tried in store but saved for a special event that might benefit you guys if you stick around. The shadows, the blush, lipstick and CERTAINLY the liner and worth a go. I would skip the bronzer and the concealer for the price you pay vs. product pay off/colour.

Tune in soon to find out how you can get your hands on two of the other products that I loved from this collection!


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