She’s Far Out, Daddy-O!

My Bestie, Bb, is one class act! She’s funny, bubbly and sensitive. And I wouldn’t do anything to change her …until she asks me to do her make-up and hair. Then all bets are firmly off!

She was going to a 60’s do with her other half and I decided to give her a Bardot half up-do with a neutral cut crease and a nude lip.

I love doing one on one make-overs with my friends because it really allows for some much needed bonding. PLUS there is something to show for it at the end that is a true example of time well spent in decent company!

To create this eye look I used the Naked 3 Pallet from Urban Decay, Maybellines 24/7 Gel Liner and Eylure lashes in 120.

Oh! And if you haven’t invested in a Beauty Blender just yet? You would be crazy not to!

Hope you like it!

What is your go to decade for inspiration? Do you like the high voltage neon of the 90’s, a 50’s inspired red lip or a high contour from the 00’s?


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