Think about the past: An OOTD

Hello to you dearest folk! Where have I been? Where HAVEN'T I been? It's been two weeks; A girl can get around!

Halloween hit me like a fully loaded long distance lorry with faces and makeup to
do and much lazing about on the sofa watching Rocky Horror Picture
Show with people whom didn't know that the Time Warp actually CAME
from somewhere and wasn't just some guy in Benidorm attempting to pied
piper your children to sleep stupor so you can drink yourself into a similar position.

Agadoo on the other hand probably was invented for that purpose!

Then there was a zombie night out and uni and friends body 'noped' out considerably until Tuesday when
it began to become a little more...responsive. Please don't ask me to
demonstrate this by doing the Time Warp; I am not capable though
slightly "under sedation"! (If you don't get this reference, you have failed the test and you can't be my friend."

Thought I would deliver unto you a quick outfit of the day from the
11th of November.

I come from a family with limited but respectable military
involvement. My grandfather built ships on the Clyde coast and my
great grandfather drove munitions trains. I have known many men whom
have been to war, whom have trained for war and have served their
country aiding family and friends of those affected by war. So imagine
my irritation when it came to Poppy Day... And I had no poppy on
leaving the house!

HOWEVER! I stood on ceremony to dress myself accordingly!


Simple black skater skirt from New Look paired with a sleeveless
monochrome pinstripe blouse also from New Look tucked in and a slim
belted waist with a gold accent from River Island.

And for my extra splash of red? A beautiful, Cardinal red cashmere
scarf which I received as a gift from my grandmother.

I wanted to feel decidedly feminine with my shoes, some pointed lace
ups from New Look with a little heel and some tights...though it was
unseasonably warm!


I popped on my South Leather Jacket and chose to co-ordinate with my
red floral stick for the day...probably also as a subconscious nod to
my shame of not having a poppy on my chest (which I picked up later
when I got into town).

I felt super sassy (and self conscious) with so much leg out and
possibly even a little bit sexy which is the first time in a long
time. I think it helps that my hair is back to being fiery red which
makes me feel super fiery!

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