Put On Your Thinking Cap. 

So! I’m back! My sincerest apologies but sometimes my body and my mind refuse to play ball. I’ve had a lot of time to rest, reflect, reap the benefits of hair dye and wretch at my own stench. Now this may have taken me 3 hours to achieve but I have managed to make myself look and feel a little more human (mostly because I no longer smell like a wild animal that has rolled in something dead). 

This has been an outfit in the works since summer. I’ve been trying to find a way to take this oversized shirt dress into autumn/winter. I am super proud because I think pulling of thigh high boots when you’re under 5ft 6 is a talent…I think I did it quite well! 

The shirt is several sizes too big from Primark for £11. I think my other half was concerned that I was expecting some serious weight gain and not because he is a fattist, its because I am definitely not wanting any baby pandas! 

The boots were a steal at £15 from eBay and last winter season from Matalan! 

A star necklace gave a bit of interest to the whole thing and the grey really played off the silver. 

I topped it off with a hat I got from Select for £9 and my black cane for added Jack The Ripper flair! Okay, no; for balance as I have the serious T-Swizzles! 

I am loving this cape that I also nabbed from eBay because it gives me some ventilation when I have my hourly hot flash and sweat shower! Plus the tied waist really makes me feel good about my body (a novelty when it seems to be on a never ending quest to make me feel uncomfortable at every waking moment).


I did a simple pink shimmer eye with some winged liner and a spot of lippy with gloss and that was it!

Oh! And did you notice the other big difference? Yeah. I’m standing up. That wasn’t it? Oh, right! my hair is red. Again. Not that you would know when it was red previously! But it’s back. 

That wasn’t really specific to the outfit of the day but it certainly makes me feel warm and toasty inside for the Autumn! 
My CFS permitted me a nice stint in the library, always easier when one doesn’t smell like the arse end of an incontinent donkey! And I even had the energy and a little less nausea to have a pleasant lunch THEN a movie round the girls house! I was struggling to breathe abut by the end of the night but here I am, just slamming this up to say ‘hello’! And ‘please forgive me for leaving you. I know, I know you needed money to buy her nappies…Well it’s not my fault she ranaway…with the Mexican knee-pit model? I thought he was an Avon rep….well, yes, I suppose it is the better of the two…no, it didn’t start with the tattoo…no, no, it was all those midnight quesadilla you let her eat…can’t we just agree that I had more important things to do, you can check my Facebook, I’ll accuse you of cheating and argue that the kids aren’t mine and we’ll resolve it in a week on Jeremy Kyle?’
…. I tried to ease you back into my mind, there. This is what my weeks have been made up of. Day time tv, easy to cook meals and make up tutorials!
Shall see you anon,


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