Every Little Think She Does Is Magic! Part 1. 

If you have been following my Instagram you will have seen a running theme for this week which has been Harry Potter make up looks!

And not your conventional Harry Potter make up looks because I wanted to deviate from the houses or from the characters because they’ve been done to death and I’m a little bit more nerdy than that!

I decided that my point of call would be spells and potions and potion ingredients and I probably did this because I knew I would be able to use so much glitter. I’ve told you about her much I love that you’re right? No? Okay just in case: I love glitter! I look forward to every holiday not because of presents and not because of cards and not because people walk around looking like they’re on crack. I love holidays because of glitter. 

And Harry Potter potions and spells have not let me down! I have had a sparkles on my face like some whacked out Christmas fairy for the last three days and it has been wonderful. 

I’m getting my skin some much needed rest today so I thought I would give you all a very big update on the make up looks I’ve been doing!

So let’s start with Sunday!

Avada Kedavra! Not dead? No? You shouldn’t be. This is reality but this make up look was certainly a little out there. Starting with my usual base of lime crimes eyeshadow primer, I slicked on NYX jumbo eye pencil in Cottage cheese ensuring I concentrated it on the inner corner. Then I packed on the matte limegreen from my sleek palette: acid making sure to stick to the main lid. I then created to cut crease using a mix of the green shimmers from the Makeup Revolution pallet: Give Them Nightmares. I then depend this with Bourjois pressed shadow in Emerald noir. One cut crease didn’t look like enough for a bright green flash of death…so I created another between the lash line and the cut crease using the same colours and an angled liner brush! I blended Barry Ms bright green dazzle dust atop the cut-crease to brighten it up a little and make it look super glowey! After dabbing some generic white shimmer into my inner corner, I tight lined both waterlines with a basic black kohl pencil which I smudged on the lower waterline with Emerald Noir at the outer corner and the Barry M green dazzle dust towards the middle and inner corner then the white shimmer right at the lower inner corner. 

I lined the lid and first cut crease with Collection 2000s 24h felt tip liner in Jade (I do not recommend this liner…it stains!…your skin, your clothes, your carpet, your life!) I made a base for my face with my Estée Lauder double wear and set that with my BRAND NEW Smashbox powder. I used the darkest colour in my sleek contour pallet in Light to create a harsh cheek contour but I ALSO used it to square the area around my mouth a little too! Here’s where it gets halloweeny!

Instead of blusher, I used Anis high on the cheekbones, nose, forehead, Cupid’s bow and chin. I lined the lips with a lime green, used a Barry M black lipstick on the inside the lips and blended it out to the edges with a lip brush.

Then along came the glitter!! I used a stargazer liner in green glitter and put it on my brows and lips then I created sparks from the lid which I enhanced with the jade felt tip liner too! 
Finally I sprinkled my face with holographic glitter. It was only a little, I love glitter but I also love being able to see my carpet for the shininess! The last thing I did was put on some luscious lashes! These were 120’s from eylure (whom I go to for all my lashes needs!


Et voilà! One killing curse embodied in dark make up and glitter! 
To be continued! 


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