Oh! The Thinks You Will See! 

My other half tends to laugh at me when I say this but I sincerely believe that autumn has a scent to it. And I don’t mean the one of rotting leaves or slow-cooked meat stews…actually, I do. But then there are other things included in that. It’s a rich and opulent like bonfire smoke; cold and sharp as though its beckoning the winter to come forth. 
Yes, I like to make poetry out of it all but you have to agree with me that there is just something about autumn that makes one want to run out into the vestiges of the summer sun and gasp at the colours that stain the leaves; golds, reds, browns, purples. Sunshine incarnate. 
Before I sat down to type up some University work, I took a wander to some gated gardens which are a short walk away. I say short but its an easy 30 mins there and 30 mins back kinda trek for me now…that’s double what it used to be but, seriously, LOOK at this place! 

  After yesterdays Spoonlessness I really wanted to make the most of feeling a little more human and even though the weather was bound to take a turn for the worse, I decided to take my feet to the streets, cane in tow, to make the most of the remaining sunshine! And I’m so glad I did!
M.E. has taken a lot from me but one of the worst aspects is my sense of adventure. It is surprisingly hard to be physically adventurous when you can only explore so far and so long. And it is that sense of adventure which makes pacing myself so hard (alongside being a determined social butterfly)!

I must be a curious sight to behold; often, at this time of year, I’m seeking the best patch of autumnal leaves which catch the most dappled sunshine…therefore I’m standing, gazing dreamily at the ground. Normal for instagramers, eh? What if I told you that I normally don’t have a camera/ phone in my hand? Suddenly not so normal!
Today was no exception! In fact I spent the majority of my wander today staring at my favourite piece of this whole garden which is the pavilion with the not-a-lion statue on top ( so named the “not-a-lion” because I first thought it was a lion and found out it was not a lion but actually a pinecone…but I had committed myself to the lion so it became a not-a-lion as compromise) . The fact that the not-a-lion overlooks a gated garden surrounded by trees (one that is Faraway Tree tall) just gives me fantasy fuelled goose bumps.


Oh that not-a-lion is certainly coming to life when the moon rises, cantering down the dome of the pavilion and landing, feather light, on its stone not-a-paws. Then is scratches at the base of the tree, purring like a not-a-kitten to whatever manner of creatures live up that magnificent tree. And when those fairies descend, they dance under the falling autumn leaves with their breath unfurling into white and silver clouds in the cold night air! 

All t- no shade: This is what Pippa Thinks about on a daily basis. I revel in my imagination and thank goodness I do or else the days where the cutlery drawer runneth dry would runneth together until I was nothing but a gibbering mess of unseen dreams and unfulfilled wishes…how boring that would be!


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  1. winterbournehgblog
    Oct 06, 2015 @ 21:13:48

    Autumn definitely does have a smell! There’s even (a bit of) science behind it: https://diggingfordirt.wordpress.com/2015/10/01/a-second-spring/


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