Think Of a Wonderful Thought! 

Stay tuned throughout so you know how to enter my wee contest celebrating 100 of you guys following my journey! 

I put my hands up…I have used many excuses in the past to avoid shopping in Primark. The clothes don’t fit; they are child labour incarnate; I bought a polo neck which shrank while I was wearing it in an attempt to kill me. And I maintained this right up until the point where I was forced to resign from my job due to Considerably Fucked-up Symptoms (my CFS). I think I’ve been in denial about my being a shopaholic but when you turn against your own morals so easily…girl has to admit she got a problem.

Okay, truth, I wouldn’t have even considered shopping in Primark again had they not revised the employment scheme for the majority of their warehouses to regulate breaks, working hours, holiday and pay…so that’s my two cents and it’s all your getting! 

On to the important stuff! 

I’ve been eyeing up this tshirt for about 3 weeks weighing up outfit options, considering the tone of such a graphic tshirt, if the Rose-gold statement really is ‘me’? See, all the things that an addict doesn’t consider!!! The answer to all these questions was an unequivocal: You-Go-Girl! 
It’s understated, plays on negative space to draw the eye in, has a super cool dip back so I can tuck it in (or have it untucked to cover my ass when I’m feeling too bloated from IBS or PMS to show it off…or for something more casual). Not to mention I love a bit of Rose-gold; on the hair, on the fingers, on the body! 

The most important thing, though, is that it’s a little bit of adult-Disney, all wrapped up into one tshirt! It’s subtle, it’s youthful and it sends a simple message: have faith, trust and sparkle like pixie dust (which it delivers itself by being so damn shiny)! I’m muddling along at the moment and it can get a little stressful so gentle reminders have a big impact! 

Not a lot of thought went into my other purchase of black skinnies but a fashion staple for £10 isn’t to be sniffed at. They fit great around the leg, have a low-rise waist so I don’t feel like my abdominals are in a vice and seem to withstand the obligatory “skinny-jean-shuffle-and-tug” to get them on! Aside from the waist being a bit gape-y (purely because I have a bum to waist ratio skewed towards my rear end) they were an amazing purchase! 

The best thing by far is that my sister, the girl I have looked to for fashion advice most of my life… Admired it. Seriously. Openly admired it; I felt proud. I hope she did to because it means that she did her job! She hath trained me well! 

I earned myself extra sister points by doing something extra sisterly. She has to access to Primark…so I went and got her one! 
You wanna see the text I got? Look at the text I got! 


Look!!! She sent me an actual (emoji) award! My mother will be LoLing quite spectacularly! I didn’t steal my sisters clothes…I’m BUYING her duplicates of mine!!

You’ve made it this far… Here’s the reward! 

I’m wanting to giveaway 3 of these t-shirts in a Medium size (because it’s a shirt that looks good with some baggy-ness to it) to 3 of you folk who are reading! How can you win? Simple! 

1. you gotta be following my Instagram @Thinkpippa ! 

2. you gotta comment on the pic of the featured tshirt on my instagram with your happy thought! What would be your ticket to Neverland? What would give you wings? 

Get your entries on the Instagram picture by Friday 9th of October and I’ll pick my 3 favourites and those lucky lost boys/girls will win a tshirt!
Stipulations? One entry per person (I’ll be checking) AND you can enter internationally (because I think Primark is a very britishy sort of thing and no one should miss out!) winners will be announced on Monday 12th of October! 

So, what are you waiting for? Get submitting! 
To be continued! 


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