Sing Somethink Simple 

I met a remarkable woman today. She had the most amazing charisma and style (and no I wasn’t conversing with my own reflection). Let’s call her Alison McCreedy and, boy, did she make me feel like I could conquer the world.

Nothing makes one so humble as to be stripped of ones natural ability. Ms A McCreedy had lived through many trials in her life; losses, pain…you name it, she had the t-shirt. She talked openly about her illness and the whole time I couldn’t stop thinking about how amazing she looked and how full of life she was. I have to admit I felt a tad disheveled in the light of her confidence but, as I said, something about her really fuelled my fire.

Ol’ McCreedy does so much work for charity and for the Portsmouth City Council (as thankless as she told me it could be) that it certainly gave me a positive outlook on life! 
Ms Creedy and I had something very much in common…other than our ability to cause giggled with abject sarcastic bluntness. She was a fellow Spoonie with fabulous frosted pink lipstick and a bang on trend thick knit poncho! Utterly fantastic wit and shameless frankness of expression that was as refreshing as it was startling! 
But what was the most interesting was her undeniable passion and energy; needless to say we both agreed that we have our bad days. Meeting her today, on a day when I can feel a crash looming, was a subtle reminder that I need to use my spoons wisely. Whether that be to raise money for charity as she does, write essays for university, write a blog post or even just do my friends makeup or make them dinner. 
I sometimes waste my spoons on the most ridiculous of things; listening to a friend rant for hours about something I’ve, no doubt, listened to them rant about before for hours. Offering my abilities to others before considering how I could be using them to benefit my situation. Fighting DWP for a decision I have no control over. 

I have a friend, we’ll call her Riley. And Riley was giving the pasta a stir this evening and reminded me, as Mr Panda has, as my mother has, as my sister- in- law has; I need to take care of myself! So maybe now that Ms McCreedy, the scintillating stranger in Tesco, has set an example for me I can start looking into how to use my spoons to benefit me…and, in turn, that might benefit others too? Maybe. What use am I to others if I can’t take care of myself first. Possibly I should work in reverse of the old saying; I should do unto myself as I do unto others. Tell myself off when I push myself too hard, have a sleep when I’m tired, accept some limits but push through others, maybe even wear the slutty dress when I feel like a male mammoth in drag.
In other news…I got a kitten. But more about her later! 

To be continued.


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