Something Thinks In Here…And It’s Not My Shoes! 

I’m not too sure Panda understands the term cesspit…but it is the word he uses to describe the place where I sit on the sofa. I’m sure if he were to encounter an actual cesspit then he would be pleasantly surprised that I manage to keep mine looking so homely. 
I like corner seats, you see! They keep my back, thighs and legs supported and I can rest my arm up a little so there is less weight on my spine and pelvis. Not to mention I get the best view of window, TV and hallway (ideal for zombie survival strategy)! The sofa is my comfort zone. On my low-to-no spoon days, it calls to me as a sort of beacon of minimum effort. If I get there then it is akin to climbing Everest; who doesn’t want that claim to fame?! 

Comfort takes on a new meaning to us Spoonies. Okay, I might be speaking for myself- but it’s not about getting all womb-ey in a blanket with some chocolate and some bubblegum fiction. This Spoonie looks for best case scenario which can encompass meds for IBS, easing of sciatica with a pillow between my knees and slightly tilting my head to avoid the room spinning. This pantomime shifts from act to act throughout the day; you should see some of the positions I get myself into. And all in my little cesspit; because we all seek something else that my spot on the sofa provides. Emotional comfort. I’m not sitting on a heavenly cloud but I am sitting on my mother in laws couch. A couch I have been sitting on for nearly 5 years of my life. That is the longest I have ever sat on the same couch in my whole existence. While people come and go and we moved from house to home; this couch sits solid, mildly shredded by cat claws and slightly discoloured and always here.
It is constant, it is reliable…and I’m pretty sure it might rival The Doctor when it comes to regenerative ability.
Yep, you just read an entire post about a couch! Welcome to a low-spoon day! 
See you anon,

P.s. Stay tuned for a bit of make-up nonsense! 


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